Yoga Exercises To Reduce Gas Formation

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Gastric is one the most irritating problem one can face and not to mention the most embarrassing disaster. Before performing any exercise one needs to understand the root cause of this problem.

Gas formation is caused because indigestion and constipation. These problems mainly occur due to improper diet, drinking habit, oily food etc. Gas or acidity both has same yoga exercises. During this period one has to avoid all those habits which can cause problem.

Problems related to acidity and gastric

  • There are many problems like heart diseases, digestive system problem, head ache, constant burping, stomach ache, ulcers in stomach and many such diseases.
  • Before any such problem might occur one can easily see its symptoms. Constant vomiting, inadequate weight, coughing, acidic burps and many more.

So what one can do to avoid this condition and get rid of this problem?

  • There should be an intake of sufficient amount of fibre, fruits and green vegetables. This will not only help in quick digestion but also help in reducing gastric problem.
  • Curd or butter milk is easy to digest and very helpful for this problem, if taken in afternoon with ginger and garlic.
  • Oily food, heavy diet, coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarette are most harmful items during this time.

Yoga Postures

  • The set of postures which one can practice and avoid gastric problem are Balasana. This is also known as child pose and Pavanamuktasana which is known as wind relieving pose. One should also perform Pranayamas Asan which is particularly a breathing exercise.
  • Many of the standing postures are Tandasana, Parvatasana, Trikonasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Padhangustansana, and Padahasthasana.
  • These postures should be practised daily and hold in these position for some time. After few days when your body becomes comfortable with the postures try to hold it for longer time to avoid any further problem. These exercises only work when an individual take proper diet and avoid all bad eating habits. If there is still consumption of oily, non vegetarian food, the no one can help with this problem.

Sitting positions

  • Some of the sitting postures or Asana are Janu Sirshasana, Paschimottanasana and Simhasana.
  • The best daily exercise which one can perform easily is bending down while sitting. Through this posture your stomach compresses which reduces the accumulated gas. Other than this one can also stand and bend down keeping knees straight and bending down touching the ground. One of the exercises, you can perform while sitting is dragging your knees towards your stomach and pressing it. It compresses your stomach.
  • Walking on your toes can also be considered to be a good exercise to reduce gastric problem. In this one has to sit on its toes and walk slowly, through this stomach compresses which is our main motto.

Yogic diet

  • One has to follow yogic diet, if want to reduce the problem completely. Performing all the exercises daily and not having a proper diet, he/she will land up nowhere and the problem will never end. This problem needs patience and time. Prepare a vegetarian diet with seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, raw vegetables and sprouts. One can avoid curd if gastric is serious and stick on non-oily food.

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