How to Remove Blackheads Using Egg Whites

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Men or women, Girl or boy, everyone worries about their beauty. They want eminent look. We believe that, black heads that stays as a hindrance to being beautiful in this society. But do not worry, here is a short way to remove this blackheads .

What is blackheads?

Its not just dumped dirt on face, it is mix of sebum and dead skin cells that deposited in our skin pores. And also oxidised skin cells may look black, this is also can categorise in to black heads. Why this black heads happen? Black heads also can be happen by typical hormone change and over use of cosmetics.

Artificial cosmetics or allopathic medicines can be affect badly on skins or may cause for more blackheads! But do not worry, there is a best and effective remedy for this black heads.
EGG Treatment:

  • Take a bowl of sufficient egg white and beat it lightly.
  • Take a large tissue and cut out holes for your eyes, nostrils and mouth in the tissue paper.
  • First apply egg white as a layer on your face and neck.(this egg white mask helps to tighten the skin pores and reduce the chance of future black heads.)
  • Put that holed tissue on first layer of egg mask.(do not talk or shake head while doing this)
  • Again apply another layer of egg white above that tissue.
  • Wait for enough time to dry that egg mask.
  • Peal off that mask from face gently.(please note: peel off in an upward direction)

This peel off helps to remove dirt from your skin pores and allow dead skin cells from your face.

  • Now you can see the difference, a better face tone and lesser black heads.!!

How eggs doing these?

  • Egg contains much nutrients that helps our skin to prevent from blackheads.
  • It increases the power for fight against UV rays and such bad rays from sun.
  • Egg white retains moisture in skin cells and make our skin much soft.
  • Egg white also contains whitening elements that will brighten skin tone.
  • Egg mask contains some anti bacterial that kills bacterias that effect bad to our skin.
  • Egg white mask also reduce darkness under eye.

So here i have mentioned all my knowledge about egg treatment. Please try this at home, i promise that this egg treatment dose not have any side effects and much cost effective while comparing with other cosmetics or allopathic treatments.

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