How to Lose Weight in 10 Days

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Everyone desires to get that perfect body shape and adorn those tight t-shirts and small dresses that make you look gorgeous and beautiful. People try out various ways to shed those extra kilos. Do you have a close friend’s marriage to attend in another 10 days and wish to shed those extra calories, take a look at the below mentioned tips.

Reduce intake of salt
High amount of sodium in the body causes water retention, which makes the body look bloated and fat. Quit eating salty chips, snacks, pickles, junk food and more that contain high amount of salt. Instead, you can pep up your daily meal with few spices and prepare a delicious meal for the day.

• Water
There are very few people who follow the golden rule of drinking 8 glasses of water each day. Water can really be effective and help you lose weight rapidly. Drink huge glass of water to prevent yourself from overeating or emotional eating. You can sip this huge glass of water half an hour before your meal. Moreover, you can keep a bottle of water handy at work to keep your hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

• Eliminate whites from your plate
Be it sugar, cheese, rice, pasta or more, you need to resist yourself from them to lose weight quickly. These items can also havoc your blood sugar levels. Try using the natural items such honey or jiggery in place of sugar to get that sweetness. Instead of white bread, you can switch to brown bread or grab an apple if you feel hungry. Besides, you must start your day with a healthy breakfast that combines vitamins and proteins in one plate.

• Say No to passive eating
Often sitting at home idle or at work continuously can invite hungry mind. Keep yourself busy throughout the day. Idle mind often makes you feel hungry and entices you to grab some chips or burger. In case you are free, devote yourself in doing some exercise or indulge yourself in some activity that involves physical work such as dancing, playing a sport, swimming, and more.

• Avoid Carbonated beverages
We often sip on carbonated beverages or preserved juices whenever we feel thirsty. You can replace these beverages with fresh fruit juices that will also help you live a healthy life while you lose weight silently.

• Herbal tea
Herbal tea proves to be effective for weight loss. The antioxidants characteristics present in the herbal tea helps in burning calories. Moreover, it greatly helps in detoxifying the harmful nutrients and waste from the body. This in turn helps you lose weight quickly.

• Sleep enough
To remain healthy and fresh, it is important that you catch up on your part of sleep. Cribbing mood can often encourage you to grab your favorite chocolates or pastries. Instead, you can simply go to sleep and make up for the loss sleep.

If you implement the above methods, you can definitely shed those extra kilos and surprise everyone with your toned body in just 10 days.

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