How To Detoxify Your Lung

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Lungs are one of the most essential organs of our body which help us to breathe and live. It has its own cleaning system but gets blocked when exposed to unhealthy environment and lethargic life style.

Symptoms of lung problems

  • Constant coughing, feeling of congestion or suffocation are the basic signals for lung related problems. If you have constant coughs and spitting of mucus, then your might be suffering from an un-diagnosed lung infection.
  • Constant pains in chest are also one of the symptoms. In this you might run out of breath and start to feel unconscious. The only way out of this entire problem is healing your wound naturally. With the help of our article you’ll get some tips of how to detoxify your lungs.

Breathing exercise

  • Every body part needs oxygen and produces carbon-dioxide. So lungs need to function fast and properly. During resting and lethargic state, it is 15 times a minute and during exercise it raises to 40 to 50 times a minute. To improve your breathing, you need to make a count of it. Sit comfortably and relax your body. Now count till 5 and take a deep breath. Again count and release your breath. Do it for some time and relax your lungs and body.
  • Performing cardio yoga once in a day raises your energy level and you’ll start feeling great. This will strengthen your lungs against toxins and outer environment.
  • Exercises also decrease the mucus level.


  • Staying in a polluted free area will definitely help you to detoxify your lung. Use air purifiers in your home if required. Try to avoid ozone purifiers, as it might harm your lungs to a great extent. Keep your home free from dust and keep it fresh with daily cleaning.
  • – Rosemary is very useful in increasing the level of oxygen in blood and thus purifying it. Lavender and Eucalyptus are used to open up lungs and increase breathing.

Food healing

  • One the main cause of lung problem is your daily intake, If get reduced it then one can easily survive. First step is to stop the intake of products which causes the maximum harm like animal products and high sugar content items.
  • One should constantly stick on fruits like apricots, berries, apple and grapes which ever shows improvement in your health. Not only sticking to consumption of lots of fruits and vegetable but one also need to drink loads of water to reduce the level of chemicals in your body and detoxify your lung. It will reduce the debris in your lungs.
  • To detox your lungs one can also inhale chrysanthemum with lobelia. These remedies will bring immediate result and improve the lung condition.

Things one should avoid

  • Stay away from moulds as it can harm your breathing. Living in unhygienic environment will directly attack your lung and cause problem. Smoking now days is very common and so is lung cancer. Every day there are many cases reporting to be of lung cancer and the reason is smoking which produces tar enough to kill a person slowly. It destroys vitamin C and calcium in your body.
  • Basement of any building or house should be checked from radon poisoning. It is a result of radium breakdown. It can occur in your home from wall cracks resulting in lung related problems. This is the second most reported cause for lung cancer.

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