Facts Air Freshener – The Scented Hazards

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It cannot be denied that many people use air fresheners. Various television commercials make it appear like these fresheners are only made out of flowers. It is as if when one sprays it around his home, he will be able to place fresh cut flowers around his area. But then, the truth about this is that most air fresheners have the opposite effect. They maybe pleasing to the nostrils but then, they can really make one home indoor polluted. This is how it works so most people need to be careful in using it.

How does it affect?

Most homes of today have a very poor quality. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that there are many chemicals being used inside the house. This maybe in the form of cleaning products, home building materials such as carpets, paints, home furnishings including couches, mattresses among others. There is a tendency that one’s indoor is even more populated than that outside. Most people need to learn the truth about air fresheners.

Now, chemically sensitive people need to be on the look for these air fresheners. Individuals with asthma can be affected with the chemicals being emitted by these air fresheners. There are studies that can support these claims. They say that even when a person is just exposed to it in one hour, there is a possibility for his lung to be irritated. This is when behavioral changes can be seen. During a study, a mice died when it in-haled air freshener fumes. There is a possibility for the same to happen among humans.

Harmful Effects of Air Fresheners

During the other part of the study, the said air freshener was added to a freshly painted room. This is done just to see if it would make the air even way better. There are people who assumed that it would make the air a bit fresher. But then, when it was done, there had been an increased with behavioral and respiratory symptoms. There is a tendency for this to happen realizing that air fresheners mostly emit VOCs or also known as the volatile organic compounds. This is what most paints do actually.

Upon taking a good look, it can be said that fresheners do not really freshen the air. In the MSDS, or the Material Safety Data Sheet, the manufacturer says that a vapor respirator should only be used if the vapor concentration is high because of heat. This is when it becomes even more dangerous. They say that breathing high concentrations of vapor may lead to nervousness, headache, tremors, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. Air fresheners like solid sticks and even oil-based should not be used for covering up smells. Whenever this is being done, the chemicals are just being added. This will surely lead to adverse health reactions to most people.

So, in here, it must be remembered that even if a person is not really chemically sensitive, or even if he does not have asthma, not using air freshener is a good favor he must do to himself and whole family as well.

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