Cancer Prevention – Top 7 Tips to Reduce your Risk

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Cancer is a disease which endangers many people. For instance, cervical cancer is the one most common for women. Prevention is better than cure is the cliché motto in here. Cervical cancer can be prevented. It is easier to prevent it than to cure it. There are just thousands of women out there who are not yet diagnosed with this disease. There are steps that can be done in order to avoid the said cancer.

What should be done?

  • 1.Do inspection

Usually, cervical cancers are brought by HPV infection. This is a virus which attacks when one has sexual intercourse. Today, 90% were able to recover even without going through treatment. When this will not be done, the formation of cancer cells will happen in no time. Pap smear examination is the standard way to detect this. Screening for HPV can just easily stop the said cancer.

  • 2.Stop smoking

Most people know for sure the harmful effects of smoking. Smoking has the ability to weaken the defense of the body against HPV infection. The truth is that this may last longer to women compared to men. Cancer is not that only consequence of smoking. There are still other health implications in the body.

  • 3.Use lubricant intimate organ

Using a lubricant intimate organ can which is from seaweed has the ability to stop HPV to survive in various healthy cells. Usually, they are made up of carrageen. This is the one derived from seaweed.

  • 4.Eat broccoli and more

The plant compounds in cauliflower and broccoli can help the cells that are infected with HPV to be self-destructed. This kind of method is healthy and natural in killing cells. Whenever this is taken, the risk of the said disease will be reduced.

  • 5.Regular Pap Smear Inspection

Consulting one’s doctor can help in this. Usually, Pap smear is being done for every 3 years. The test will most likely depend on the risk factor of the person for cervical cancer. There are details that can be discussed by consulting one’s doctor. When this happens, the risk of the said disease will be reduced.

  • 6.Get an HPV Vaccine

Vaccine has always been very effective for prevention. Again, consulting one’s doctor is the key in here to be even more knowledgeable.

  • 7.Learn more about Cervical Cancer

Finding information can be done with the use of the internet. There are many information which can be derived from newspapers, internet, television or even with the use of forums. There are also seminars which discuss this one. By being knowledgeable with this, one will be able to understand how the disease works. This will help in prevention.

Cancer has always been a dangerous disease. Those who are affected by this do not have any choice but to deal with the consequences which can be very hard. In order to stay away from this disease, knowing the above mentioned is the key. Curing cancer has always been a needle in a haystack. So, be protected!

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