Best Home Treatment Remedies For Migraine

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“Headache” this word is so familiar for everyone, from kids to adult all are victim for headache on our life. The word headache itself reflecting the pain, but don’t worry, healthy habits and simple nonmedical remedies sometimes stop migraines or headache before start.

Symptoms of Migraine

  • moderate to severe throbbing head pain, most commonly on one side of the head.
  • head pain that worsen with physical activity.
  • sensitivity to light and sound.
  • nausea or vomiting.

Before going to remedies of migraines , just discuss the causes for head ache:

  • stress
  • sleep disorders(too little or too much sleep)
  • fatigue caffeine
  • smoking
  • high or low blood pressure.
  • birth control pills
  • artificial sweeteners
  • fasting for an extended period of time.
  • heredity
  • high salt consumption
  • strong perfumes

Now its the time for discuss about treatments on migraine:

  • Turn on light: migraines often increase sensitivity to light and sound. Relax in a dark, quite room. sleep if you can
  • Try temperature therapy: apply hot or cold compresses to your head or neck . ice packs have a numbing effect, which may dull the sensation of pain. Hot pack and heating pads can relax tense muscles; warm shower or bath may have a similar effect .
  • Massage painful arias: apply gentle pressure to your scalp or temples. Alleviate muscle with a shoulder or neck massage.
  • Drink a caffeinated beverage : in small amounts caffeine alone can relieve migraine pain in the early stages or enhance the pain reducing effects of acetaminophen and aspirins. Be careful , however drinking too much caffeine too often can lead to withdrawal headaches later on.
  • Sleep well: migraines may keep you from falling asleep or wake you up at night. Likewise, migraines are often triggered by a poor night’s sleep. here is help encouraging sound sleep.
  • Establish regular sleep hours.wakup and go to bed at the same time everyday.
  • Minimize the distractions. Save your bedroom for sleep and intimacy. Don’t watch television or take work to bed. Close bedroom door. Use a fan to muffle distracting noises.
  • Don’t try to sleep. Harder you try to sleep the more awake you will feel.
  • Eat wisely: your eating habits can influence your migraines.
  • Be consistant:eat at about the same time every day.
  • Don’t skip meals. Eating breakfast is especially important.
  • Avoid cheese and chocolaty foods from your food menu.

So hope you got a glance about migraine and the treatments for that. Very simple prevention and some actions that may can bring you a large relief without any side affects.

so wish you all a healthy life style.!

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